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4 tips to make your flower bouquets last longer

At Fleur Nation we pride ourselves in choosing the best quality flowers for our flower bouquets and boxes. Customers tell us our flowers, actually smell great and fresh and last long. Arriving fresh from the grower means that when our flowers get to you they’re just at the beginning of their journey. Soon they’ll begin to bloom, brightening your home, bringing the fresh outdoors inside. 

Here are a few tips to make our arrangements last even longer

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Clean & Tidy

Start with a clean vase. Before popping any flowers in a vase, make sure its sparkly clean. Whilst it might not seem like rocket science, you’ll be surprised by how important it is. 

Now, at the risk of sounding bossy, you must NEVER clean your vase in the dishwasher or with washing up liquid. This will leave a soapy residue which your flowers won’t thank you for. Instead, clean your vase with a small amount of vinegar, lemon juice or even a tiny bit of bleach, scrub-a-dub-dub, then rinse well. That will get rid of flower-harming nasties and your stems will thank you for it.

Snip & Strip

Low hanging leaves are a big no-no in the flower world. When taking your flowers out of their box, use clean, sharp secateurs to gently remove any of the leaves that hang lower than your vase’s neck line. You can do this just with your fingers (however, we recommend using secateurs when dealing with rose leaves to avoid any spikiness). 

Not only is this great for the flowers but also will make your arrangement look nice and neat. 

Before popping your flowers in a vase, you must snip an inch from the bottom of each stem. Use your sharp secateurs rather than kitchen scissors (a stronger, cleaner snip and avoids squishing the stems) and cut at an angle. This means that the surface area of the cut is bigger for the flowers to get a nice long drink from.

Prime Position

Where you display your flowers is more important than you might think. Did you know that the methane from your fruit bowl speeds up the wilting process? So steer well clear; an apple a day will keep the doctor away for us, but it’ll make your flowers a little peaky. 

Keep flowers out of direct sunlight and away from a radiator or fire,  as they’ll dry out. (Of course, a few hours near some heat will be fine, if you really want to show them off in one of these spots!) 

Trim Them Down

Because our flowers last for longer than a week when your next order arrives they will still be in the prime of their life. So, snip older stems down and pop into smaller vessels to dot around the house. 

So there you have it, a few little tricks and tips to get the most out of your flowers and to keep them blooming for ages. Flowers really are the most wonderful things don’t you think? 

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